How’s It Hanging Game

How much do you trust your hip thrusting technique? There are a number of games you can play by hanging everyday objects by a string down from your waist. Use the momentum generated by your thrusts to swing a weight like a croquet mallet and knock a ball into a target. Impress your friends will … Read more

Tilt A Cup Game

Build and hold onto an upright swinging tower of cups and balls. As the game progresses, this tower will become increasingly unwieldy, swinging unpredictably. You’ll have to use a steady hand to keep control of the tower.  Tilt that cup!  Catch the bouncing ping pong balls to win. This games uses elements of games like … Read more

Beer Pong Party Game

What is it? Beer pong: the “national sport” of frat houses and party schools. Who can play? It is traditionally played by two or four people who enjoy beer and may want to get drunk. However, this game can also be enjoyable with a non-alcoholic beverage like juice or tea, and this fun game of … Read more

Picture Whispers Game

The Picture Whispers game is sort of like Pictionary mixed with the Telephone Game. Picture Whispers actually has some advantages over Pictionary. First, all players get to draw at the same time, and then get to guess at the same time, in phases, which means more game for everyone involved. Second, the game concludes with each … Read more

Fun Physical Party Games

Here are three games that have you and your friends using your bodies in unusual ways. Pass The Orange An orange, or a tennis ball, or a plastic bottle: grab one, and put it under your chin. Hold it there using your chin and neck, trapping it near your collarbone. Take your hand away. From now … Read more