Category: Classroom Icebreaker

Paper Airplanes (Name Planes Game)

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group
Paper Airplanes (or Name Planes Game) is a simple but effective get-to-know-you game: find the owner of the paper airplane that you pick up and learn a few things about them! This game works best for larger groups of ten or more people. The activity is ideal for those ages 12 and up and is suitable for the classroom. Setup for Paper Airplanes (Name Planes Game) There is not much setup required for this activity. However, several materials do need to be provided: At least 1 sheet of paper per person 1 pen, pencil, or other writing utensil per person How to set up Paper Airplanes To set up the game, you can either place the supplies around the room on the seats, desks, or tables where group members will be sitting.…
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Name Aerobics

Active, Classroom Icebreaker, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Talking Games
Name Aerobics is a simple icebreaker to help group members introduce themselves in a fun and energetic way! You can think of it was a name memorization activity with a touch of aerobics. It's good for players ages 10+. This activity works best with medium or large sized groups of 6+ people each. Materials required There are no required materials to play this game. You can play it anywhere with just the members of the group! Indoors (such as in a classroom) may be the most ideal place to play. How to set up the game The ideal setup is to have all group members standing in a circle, but you can also have the individuals take turns coming in front to introduce themselves. Placing people in a circle may help those who…
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Memorable Catchy Names

Classroom Icebreaker, Get-to-know-you, Medium Group, Small Group, Stationary, Talking Games
Memorable Catchy Names is one of the simplest icebreakers you can play, but it's short and sweet! And it might be one of the most efficient ways to get to know other people better in an amusing way. The game involves going around in a circle, so it probably works best in a small or medium sized group. Setup for Memorable Catchy Names No set up is necessary! This icebreaker works great in a classroom or indoors. Playing Memorable Catchy Names Get into a circle. Instruct everyone to think about an adjective to describe themselves. The adjective should start with the same letter as their first name. For example, "Funny Fred," or "Powerful Paul," or "Clever Charlene." Have each person go around and announce their new name for the rest…
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Identity Circles

Identity Circles

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Talking Games, Team building
Identity Circles / Value Circles Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, during which you will have an opportunity to discuss with many friends the values that make up your identity and how you prioritize them in your life. For this activity, you will be paired up with several different people, the number depending on how many people are in your group. The activity works best in even numbers, as pairing requires. To begin, divide your group in half and create two concentric circles (one inner circle and one outer circle). The people in the outer circle should face inside, and the people in the inner circle should face outside. Each inner circle person will pair up with an outer circle person. You…
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Who Am I

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Talking Games
Who Am I? is a guessing game where you use the traits and characteristics of famous, historical, or company figures to break the ice with each other. Any sized group can play -- you are only limited by your own imagination! Materials required are sticky nametags and a marker. Self-adhesive white Avery labels work great. This game works well for medium to extra large sized groups. Setup for the Who Am I Game Before your group arrives, prepare sticky nametags with the names of famous people (or any other people that EVERYONE in the group will know). For example, you can write: SUPERMAN INDIANA JONES HARRY POTTER BATMAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BRITNEY SPEARS MICKEY MOUSE And so on. If you like, you could also stick labels on each…
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Catch the Ball Introductions Icebreaker

Classroom Icebreaker, Get-to-know-you, Medium Group, Small Group
Catch the Ball Introductions is a get-to-know-you icebreaker that is very simple yet effective. This activity works well for small and medium sized groups. The only material that is required to play is a small ball or other object that can safely be passed around the room. For example, we recommend a soft foam ball such as this one: Nerf Mini Sports Pack Playing Catch the Ball Introductions Give the first person the soft foam ball. Introduce the game and explain that the ball is the "share an interesting fact" ball. The first person must reveal something interesting about themselves (hopefully not too controversial!) and then throw the ball to the second person. The second person also reveals something about themselves and throws it on to the next person. In this way,…
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Great Wind Blows

Active, Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group
Great Wind Blows (also known as the Big Wind Blows) is a good icebreaker that involves a bit of movement, a bit similar to Musical Chairs. The game can help break the ice and help students get to know each other a bit better. You'll need several chairs (one fewer than the total number of players). Setup for Great Wind Blows Game Arrange all the chairs to form a circle (all chairs facing inward toward the middle). One player starts in the middle, standing up. He or she begins the round. Playing Great Wind Blows The game is simple to play; one person in the middle starts by saying "Great wind blows for everyone who..." and then says any characteristic that is true for that person. For example, if the…
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