Categories (or Similarities) Game

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Talking Games
Each team must find a certain amount of things they all have in common (similarities) before the other teams in this simple competitive icebreaker game.  It's best for ages 8+.  It works great for medium sized groups, or even really large groups of 20+ people if you split into smaller sized groups. Materials needed You won’t need anything to play this game. If you’d like to make things more official, you can use a piece of paper and a writing utensil for each team to record their similarities on, although this is not necessary. How to set up the Categories (or Similarities) game: No setup is necessary to play the Similarities game! How to play: Divide your group up into separate teams of about 5 people each. Ideally you should end up with…
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Psychiatrist Game

Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Stationary, Talking Games
Confuse the designated psychiatrist by acting like other people in the group.  The psychiatrist must guess who is who and why! This game works best for ages 13+.  It works great with medium to large sized groups of 6+ people.  Nothing is needed except a timer or stopwatch.  Indoors is the ideal setting. How to set up the Psychiatrist Game There is no required setup.  Players should be seated in a circle.  The "psychiatrist" will be in the center of the circle. How to play: Organize the group so that one person is chosen as the "psychiatrist" while the others are the "patients." The psychiatrist can be a volunteer or selected based on criteria of your choice such as who has the nearest birthday. Have the psychiatrist leave the room and wait to…
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Newspaper Towers

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Team building
Compete against other teams to see who can build the largest tower using only one ingredient – newspaper!  Newspaper Towers (also known as Build the Tower) is a great teambuilding activity involves creativity, coordination, and teamwork! This activity works best for people ages 8 and up.  It works great for groups of six to fifteen people. Materials needed A lot of newspapers -- be sure to recycle them! A timer or stopwatch Rolls of scotch tape Measuring tape How to set up Newspaper Towers Collect as many newspapers as possible in advance and separate them into equal piles. If you know how many people will be there, create 1 pile for each team you will have, but if you don’t know the group size just create equal piles of newspapers with…
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Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

Active, Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Large Group
Battle it out to see who is the rock, paper, scissors champion of the group -- as the losers of each mini-round cheer the remaining winners on! This game works best for ages 12 and up.  It's recommended for large or extra large groups of 15+ people. Setup for Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors No special materials are required to play this game, making it convenient and free to play. How to play Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors Have each member of the group pair up for the first round of rock, paper, scissors. If there is an odd number, add the odd person out to another pair and have them do a quick knock-out match to form a pair. Alternatively, you can ask for a volunteer to participate as a referee with you. Everyone should be…
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Paper Airplanes (Name Planes Game)

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group
Paper Airplanes (or Name Planes Game) is a simple but effective get-to-know-you game: find the owner of the paper airplane that you pick up and learn a few things about them! This game works best for larger groups of ten or more people.  The activity is ideal for those ages 12 and up and is suitable for the classroom. Setup for Paper Airplanes (Name Planes Game) There is not much setup required for this activity.  However, several materials do need to be provided: At least 1 sheet of paper per person 1 pen, pencil, or other writing utensil per person How to set up Paper Airplanes To set up the game, you can either place the supplies around the room on the seats, desks, or tables where group members will be sitting.…
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Electric Current Game

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group
How about a fun game that involves fast reflexes?  There are two teams -- everyone is holding hands.  Can your team squeeze hands and send an "electric current" faster than the other team? This game works great as a camp or youth retreat icebreaker, or as a large group activity (more than 50 people).  It can be played indoors or outdoors.  The activity is relatively short (about 5-10 minutes) to play. The Electric Current Game (also called the Electricity or Pulse game) is a game that resembles two fast moving electric currents! Setup Nothing much is needed to prepare this game, except a small coin (like a quarter) and two small objects (such as a paper cup or foam ball) that can be grabbed.  Place each object at the end of both…
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Human Bingo (Did You Know?) Game

Active, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group
Human Bingo (also known as the Autograph Game or Did You Know? Bingo) is an icebreaker that helps people learn interesting facts about each other.  People walk around the room and mingle until they find people that match the facts listed on a bingo-style sheet. This game is a get-to-know-you style icebreaker.  The recommended group size is: large or extra large.  The game works best with a group of about 25 people.  It can be played indoors or outdoors.  Materials required are: printed bingo sheets and pens.  Ages 12 and up. Setup for Human Bingo The objective of this game is for people to wander around the room and to obtain the signatures of people who have the facts listed on the bingo sheet.  Once a person successfully obtains a full row (5…
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Human Rock Paper Scissors

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games
Human Rock Paper Scissors is a fun, quick ice-breaker that can be used for a medium-sized group of people. Many are familiar with the classic hand game, rock-paper-scissors, each of which conquers one another depending on the combination. This game is a play on the game, but requires people to get on their feet, move, and act as a team, rather than an individual. This ice-breaker is especially fun because it can be tailored to many different themes and variations. Setup for Human Rock Paper Scissors As a large group, decide a full-body pose that will signify each element (e.g. Rock – each person of one group will bend down and hug their knees and curl into a ball so they look like a rock, Scissors – each person of one…
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Identity Circles

Identity Circles

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Talking Games, Team building
Identity Circles / Value Circles Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, during which you will have an opportunity to discuss with many friends the values that make up your identity and how you prioritize them in your life. For this activity, you will be paired up with several different people, the number depending on how many people are in your group. The activity works best in even numbers, as pairing requires. To begin, divide your group in half and create two concentric circles (one inner circle and one outer circle). The people in the outer circle should face inside, and the people in the inner circle should face outside. Each inner circle person will pair up with an outer circle person. You…
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Never Have I Ever

Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Never Have I Ever is an icebreaker game that helps people get to know each other better.  Everyone sits in a circle and take turns saying something they have never done.  Each player starts with ten fingers showing.  Each time says something that you’ve done, you drop a finger. The goal is to be the last player remaining. This get-to-know-you game can be played indoors or outdoors.  The recommended number of people for this game is ten to fifteen, but all group sizes can play by dividing into appropriate sized groups.  Recommended age is 8 and up.  No special materials are required. Instructions for Never Have I Ever Instruct everyone to sit in a circle.  If you have an extremely large group, tell people to form smaller circles of about ten to fifteen people.  To start each round,…
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