Candy Introductions

Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group, Talking Games
Candy Introductions is a get-to-know-you game that helps people learn new facts about each other in an easy way.  They select various pieces of candy from a bag, and each candy variety is associated with a fact about themselves which they will introduce to the others. This game also goes by other names, including the M&M game, Candy Confessions, the Skittles Game, the Gum Drop game, among others. Candy Introductions can work with any group size.  The icebreaker works best when the group size is limited to 12, so if you have more than 12, divide the larger group and run the icebreaker within the smaller sized groups.  This icebreaker works best indoors, and is well suited for classrooms or meeting rooms.  Materials required are: candy with about five different…
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Fear in a Hat

Large Group, Medium Group, Talking Games, Team building
A good activity to run at the beginning of a class semester, Fear in a Hat (Also known as Worries in a Hat) is a teambuilding exercise that promotes unity and group cohesion. Individuals write their personal fears (anonymously) on sheets of paper which is then collected in a hat and read aloud. Each person tries to describe his or her understanding of the person's fear. This leads to good discussion centered around the fears. This teambuilding exercise requires writing utensils, sheets of paper, and a hat. Allow about five minutes of writing time, plus one to two minutes per participant. The recommended group size is at least eight, but no larger than 20. It's possible to run this activity with a large group, if the group is divided into…
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React and Act Game

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
React and Act! is a funny icebreaker in which players randomly select a sheet of paper that has an occurrence on it (for example, winning a million dollars in the lottery) and they must react to the occurrence using animated expressions, gestures, and words.  After a set amount of time, other players try to guess what happened that caused those reactions and actions. React and Act is an active icebreaker game that can work with a variety of group sizes.  It can work for small groups of five people, or adapted for very large groups by selecting volunteers.  This game is best played indoors.  Materials required include paper, pens, and a bag.  React and Act works with all ages, including adults. Setup for React and Act React and Act involves…
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Fabulous Flags

Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Fabulous Flags (also known as the Personal Flags Activity) is a useful icebreaker activity to help people convey what represents them or what is important to them.  Each person draws a flag that contains some symbols or objects that symbolizes who they are or what they enjoy. This get-to-know-you activity is best done indoors.  Any number of people can participate.  The recommended age is 7 and up.  Materials required are: several sheets of paper, pens, and colored pencils/crayons/markers. Instructions for Fabulous Flags Activity Pass out a sheet of paper, pens, and colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers to each person.  Explain the activity: "We're now going to draw flags that represent or symbolize us.  Please design your own flag of you - include some symbols or objects that symbolize who you are or…
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Superlative Game

Extra Large Group, Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group
The Superlative Game is a simple icebreaker that asks players to line up in ascending order for various different categories (e.g. height, birthday month, etc.).  It's very easy to learn and play, and it doesn't require a lot of time. This game can be classified as a get-to-know-you style icebreaker.  The recommended group size is medium, large, or extra large groups.  Players will be divided into multiple teams of at least five people.  This game can be played both indoors or outdoors.  There are no special materials required to play.  It works great with all ages. Setup for the Superlative Game The facilitator of the Superlative game needs to prepare a list of categories.  These categories can be surface-level categories such as height (in ascending order), birthday month (in ascending…
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Personal Trivia Baseball

Get-to-know-you, Large Group, Medium Group
Personal Trivia Baseball is an icebreaker game that involves guessing facts of various difficulty levels to obtain singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. This game helps people discover facts about each other in a fun way. This get-to-know-you game is played with two teams of about six to eight people each. The recommended location for this game is indoors. Materials required are: several sheets of paper and pens. Personal Trivia Baseball is playable by ages 10 and up, including college students and adults in corporate settings. Setup for Personal Trivia Baseball This game should be played with two teams. Divide the players into two teams of about six to eight people -- other team sizes are possible but less ideal, as the game may be too short or too long.…
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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Active, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group, Team building
Photo Scavenger Hunt is a fun team-based scavenger hunt with an interesting twist — the goal is to bringing back digital photos (or polaroids) of places and things.  By doing this, people will capture good memories and also have some experience working together as a team. This is an active game and teambuilding activity.  The recommended group size is: teams of three or four people.  Allocate plenty of time for this activity.  Recommended ages are: 15 and up.  You will need one camera (a digital camera or polaroid) for each team. Setup for the Photo Scavenger Hunt As the facilitator of this activity, prepare a list of about twelve interesting places, things, and circumstances that can be captured using a camera.  Some examples of items you can write are: A family of animals A group photo with…
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Telephone Charades

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games
Telephone Charades (also known as Charades Down the Line) is a hilarious icebreaker in which a person acts out a charade only for the next person in the line, who in turn acts out for the next person.  The last person standing in line attempts to guess what the original clue was. This is in active icebreaker that works best with a group of five or six people.  It can also be implemented for larger groups by taking five or six volunteers per round.   This game is best played indoors.  No special materials are required other than sheets of paper with the clues written on them.  Telephone Charades is for people age 10 and up. Setup for Telephone Charades Telephone Charades or "Charades Down the Line" is an active icebreaker that combines charades with the "telephone…
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Sardines (Reverse Hide and Seek)

Active, Large Group, Medium Group
Sardines is an active game that is played like hide and go seek -- only in reverse!  One person hides, and everyone else searches for the hidden person.  Whenever a person finds the hidden person, they quietly join them in their hiding spot.  Soon, the hidden group starts to look like a bunch of sardines! This game should be played in a large indoor area.  Be sure it is safe and that you are allowed to play in the area.  The ideal group size is 8-15 people.  This game is for ages 12 and up.  No special materials are required to play. Instructions for Sardines (also known as Reverse Hide and Seek) Gather everyone together and explain the rules and boundaries of the game.  Be sure to keep everyone safe and ensure no one wanders into areas that…
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Defend the Egg

Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Team building
Defend the Egg (also known as the Great Egg Drop) is a teambuilding activity that involves collaboration, problem solving, and creative teamwork.  Groups build a structure out of ordinary materials and try to protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a high elevation. This exercise in teambuilding can be messy, so choose an appropriate setting where making a mess is acceptable.  The recommended group size is: teams of four or five people.  Several materials are needed: raw eggs, several plastic straws, masking or scotch tape, newspaper, and other materials of your choice.  This activity is for people ages 14 and up. Setup for Defend the Egg This game works well with teams that are not too large.  A good team size is four or five people.  Pass out…
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