Get-to-know-you Games

Get-to-know-you / Introduction Icebreakers

    How can I get my students to know each other better, or how can I get to know other people?
    Get-to-know-you type icebreakers (or introduction games) help people become more acquainted with each other — helping people learn and remember names and as people share about their unique interests, experiences, memories, and so on. The results are often humorous, interesting, or fascinating, as people explain these details about themselves. Before you know it, the ice is broken and common ground is discovered as people feel closer to each other!  Spending a short amount of time playing these kinds of games early on can be well worth the investment for greater productivity and trust.  Try these games and let us know what you think!
    We’re adding instructions to new games and activities all the time.. but only for the best ones.  Explore around and take a look!  Click on an activity name below to read our step-by-step instructions.

Blanket Game
Candy Introductions
Categories (or Similarities)
Connecting Stories
Did You Know? Bingo
Extremes: Where Do You Stand?
Fabulous Flags
Four Corners
Great Wind Blows
Icebreaker Questions
Icebreaker Questions 2
Identity Circles
Interview Game
Personal Artifact Game
Lineup Game
Lost on a Deserted Island
Personal Trivia Baseball
Memorable Catchy Names
Name Aerobics
Never Have I Ever
Paper Airplanes/Name Planes
Shoe Pile Mingle
Sorts and Mingle
Story Starters
String Game
Superlative Game
Tall Tales Story Game
Truth or Dare
Two Truths and a Lie
Unique and Shared
What I Would Have Done
Who Done It?
Who’s My Match?
Word Chains

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