Good Icebreaker Games and Ideas by Name

We publish only the best icebreaker games, ideas and group activities. Here are 100+ of our favorites! Our staff has playtested them all personally. Try ’em out and let us know how they work out for you! Also see: Icebreakers by group size and by category

Good Icebreakers, sorted by name (alphabetical order) – Last updated: February 2020

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  1. Air Balloons – Keep your balloon in the air for longer than the other teams!
  2. Animal Sounds – A simple game of making animal sounds and finding your pairs!
  3. Art Effects – A collaborative drawing activity.
  4. Bang Name Game – To avoid getting shot, learn and remember names of the people in a group!
  5. Bango – A card game similar to Bingo.
  6. The Bests – An icebreaker of silly competitions of who is the quickest, biggest, fastest!
  7. Best Skills Showdown – Compete in small groups in several mini-games!
  8. Beverage (Beer) Pong – A classic party game enjoyed by college students.
  9. Bigger and Better – The classic teambuilding game of trading and upgrading – try to get the biggest and best item to win!
  10. Botticelli – A guessing game similar to 20 Questions.
  11. Blanket Game – A funny icebreaker that involves fast name recognition!
  12. Candy Introductions – A fun game that uses multicolored candy to help people get to know each other.
  13. Catch the Ball – A simple game to get people to start talking and sharing.
  14. Categories (or Similarities) – Be the first group to find similarities!
  15. Chariot Race – An action packed chariot race!
  16. Collaborative Drawing – Draw parts of a picture without knowing what the last person drew before you!
  17. Connecting Stories – Group members try to connect their individual stories, forming a long chain of stories!
  18. Crazy Job Interview – Players convince each other that they are the best for an imaginary job.
  19. Defend the Egg – A teambuilding activity that asks teams to protect a fragile egg by building a protective stucture out of simple supplies.
  20. Did You Know? Bingo – An interactive game that helps people discover interesting facts about other people.
  21. Drink Can Games – Try these fun games that involve beverage cans.
  22. Electric Current Game – A game with two teams, holding hands: squeeze hands to send “electricity” down the line!
  23. Energy Game – A drama class warm-up exercise that is great fun!
  24. Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors – A twist on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game.
  25. Extremes: Where Do You Stand? – A game that asks people to stand along an imaginary line between two extreme viewpoints, depending on their opinions.
  26. Fabulous Flags – Represent yourself by designing your own flag!
  27. Fake Artist – Everyone draws a single line in a shared drawing — but who is the secret spy?
  28. Fear in a Hat – A teambuilding activity that asks people to anonymously share their fears and to place them into a hat.
  29. Four Corners – A get-to-know-you game involving the four corners of a room.
  30. Frozen T-Shirt Race – A hilarious contest of being the first to unfold and wear a frozen shirt.
  31. Ghost Game – A game that involves forming a word fragment without spelling a word!
  32. Giants, Wizards, Elves – A game similar to paper, rock, scissors, but more hilarious!
  33. Gone Fishin’ – A funny real-life version of the board game!
  34. Great Wind Blows – A game like musical chairs that lets people get to know each other better.
  35. Group Juggling – Say a person’s name and then pass them a ball. This repeats as people learn each others’ names.
  36. Hot Potato Camera – Like Russian Roulette, but as an embarrassing selfie photo!
  37. Human Paper Rock Scissors – Like the classic game — except played in groups with your whole body!
  38. Hot and Cold Game – A simple game of cheering or booing when a person gets closer or farther from a mystery action!
  39. Icebreaker Questions – A list of simple questions that are very useful for breaking the ice.
  40. Icebreaker Questions 2 – Even more icebreaker questions to help people get to know each other better.
  41. Identity Circles – Share your most important values as you rotate around a circle.
  42. Interview Game – People interview each other and introduce them to the rest of the group.
  43. Intimate Cooperation Games – Try these 3 games that involve intimate cooperation.
  44. ISpy Wedding Hunt – A photo scavenger hunt for wedding receptions.
  45. King Elephant – A silly action game that involves hand motions and acting as animals.
  46. Korean Rhythm Game (Assa) – A game involving hand motions.
  47. Late Arrivals Game – A funny game that involves introducing fictitious people at a formal ball.
  48. Line Up Game – Work together as a team to quickly form a line based on a non-obvious quality.
  49. Lost on a Deserted Island – If you were stranded on a island, what items would you take with you? A get-to-know-you game.
  50. Magic Word – A simple party game involving a magic word to earn party favors.
  51. Marshmallow Toss – Toss marshmallows and catch as many as possible.
  52. Memorable Catchy Names – A very simple icebreaker involving adjectives and new names.
  53. Name Aerobics – A simple game that combines aerobics and learning names!
  54. Never Have I Ever – A game to see who has and hasn’t had various experiences!
  55. Newspaper Towers – A teambuilding activity involving newspaper building skills and teamwork!
  56. Paper Airplanes/Name Planes – A simple introductions game involving questions on paper planes.
  57. Paper Snowball Fight – A paper-based snowball fight!
  58. Pedometer Games – Try these games that involve pedometers!
  59. Personal Artifact Game – Students show a meaningful object and why it has significance to them.
  60. Personal Trivia Baseball – A fun trivia game that combines baseball with a way to learn interesting facts about people.
  61. Photo Scavenger Hunt – An active teambuilding game that sends teams off to take photos of interesting things in a scavenger hunt!
  62. Physical Party Games – Three silly party games.
  63. Picture Whispers – Simultaneous drawing game where Pictionary meets the Telephone Game
  64. Priest of the Parish – A call and response game.
  65. Psychiatrist Game – Everyone has a strange mental condition. The psychiatrist must guess the pattern that everyone else is following!
  66. React and Act Game – A fast-paced game of improv acting!
  67. Rubber Chicken Game – A race involving stealing a rubber chicken.
  68. Sardines – The classic game of reverse hide-and-go-seek.
  69. Screaming Viking – A silly game involving crazy motions.
  70. Secret Santa – A gift exchange game perfect for the holidays.
  71. Sequence – A teambuilding game of communication and ordering pictures.
  72. Shoe Pile Mingle – The (slightly smelly) game of meeting new people.
  73. Song Sync – A game of determining what songs others have already listened to.
  74. Sorts and Mingle – A fun way to see the similarities and differences people have.
  75. Spoons Game – Spoons is a game of speed, silliness, and having a sharp eye.
  76. Sticker Ninja – Stealthily stick your stickers on others at a party!
  77. Story Starters – A simple activity to help people share some of their most interesting stories.
  78. Strange Disease Diagnosis Game – A funny improvisation guessing game with doctor and patient(s).
  79. String Game – An icebreaker that makes use of string or yarn to help people introduce themselves.
  80. Superlative Game – The fun game of superlatives!
  81. Tall Tales Story Game – A fun storytelling game.
  82. Team Architect – Use creativity to build something with random materials!
  83. Telephone Charades – A hilarious twist on the classic game of telephone, involving charades and acting down the line!
  84. Telephone Pictionary – The Telephone Game meets Pictionary, leading to hilarious results!
  85. Tilt A Cup – Balance a swinging tower of cups and balls.
  86. 1000 Blank White Cards – Create rules on blank white cards – a game of creativity!
  87. Time Hop – A get-to-know-you game from different points of time.
  88. Trust Course Game – A teambuilding game that involves coordination and trust.
  89. Trust Walk Teambuilding Activity – The classic teambuilding activity that requires trust and reliance on teammates.
  90. Truth or Dare – The classic party game that leads to memorable results.
  91. Two Truths and a Lie – As people introduce themselves, figure out which statement is true and which one is a lie!
  92. Ultimate Ninja – A game of quick reflexes — may the best ninja survive!
  93. Unique and Shared – An icebreaker that helps people see their commonalities and unique characteristics compared with others.
  94. What I Would Have Done – A get-to-know-you icebreaker involving interesting, hypothetical questions.
  95. Who Am I? – A simple mingling game in which you try to identify the name on your back.
  96. Who Done It? – A game in which you try to identity who did it!
  97. Who’s My Match? – Figure out each other’s hidden identities, and find your match!
  98. Word Associations – A simple game of making connections between words.
  99. Word Chains – A simple memory game involving word connections!
  100. Zip Zap Boing – A simple rhythm game.