Large Group Activities

Icebreakers for Large Groups (10 to 30 people)

Looking for fun group games for big crowds?  We have handpicked the following large group activities and provided free step-by-step instructions to the ones especially for groups of ten to thirty people.  Some of these large group activities involve good teamwork or fun competition in order to succeed! For big group sizes, it’s important to get everyone involved — but also to keep in mind people have different personalities and preferences, so not everyone has to get involved in the same exact way!

Browse our collection of instruction guides below.

Art Effects (Drawing)

Air Balloons (Active)

Animal Sounds (Active, Talking)

Best Skills Showdown (Active)

Bigger and Better (Active, Teambuilding)

Blanket Game (Get-to-know-you)

Candy Introductions (Get-to-know-you)

Categories (or Similarities) (Get-to-know-you)

Collaborative Drawing (Party, Teambuilding)

Crazy Job Interview (Talking)

Chariot Race (Active)

Connecting Stories (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Defend the Egg (Teambuilding)

Did You Know? Bingo (Get-to-know-you)

Electric Current Game (Active, Teambuilding)

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors (Active)

Extremes: Where Do You Stand? (Get-to-know-you)

Fabulous Flags (Get-to-know-you)

Fear in a Hat (Teambuilding)

Frozen T-Shirt Race (Active)

Giants, Wizards, Elves (Active)

Gone Fishin’ (Active)

Great Wind Blows (Get-to-know-you, Active)

Group Juggling (Active, Teambuilding)

Hot and Cold Game (Party, Talking)

Hot Potato Camera (Party)

Human Rock Paper Scissors (Active)

Icebreaker Questions (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Identity Circles (Get-to-know-you)

King Elephant (Active)

Korean Rhythm Game – Assa (Stationary, Party)

Late Arrivals Game (Party, Talking)

Lineup Game (Get-to-know-you)

Lost on a Deserted Island (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Magic Word (Party)

Marshmallow Toss (Active)

More Good Icebreaker Questions (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Name Aerobics (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding, Active)

Never Have I Ever (Get-to-know-you)

Newspaper Towers (Teambuilding, Active)

Paper Airplanes/Name Planes (Get-to-know-you)

Paper Snowball Fight (Active)

Personal Trivia Baseball (Get-to-know-you)

Photo Scavenger Hunt (Active, Teambuilding)

Physical Party Games (Active)

Picture Whispers (Drawing)

Psychiatrist Game (Talking, Acting, Stationary)

React and Act Game (Active)

Sardines (Active)

Screaming Viking (Active, Party)

Secret Santa Gift Exchange (Party)

Sequence (Teambuilding)

Shoe Pile Mingle (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Sticker Ninja (Party)

Story Starters (Get-to-know-you)

Strange Disease Diagnosis Game (Party, Stationary, Talking)

String Game (Get-to-know-you)

Superlative Game (Get-to-know-you)

Tall Tales Story Game (Storytelling)

Telephone Charades (Active)

Trust Walk Teambuilding Activity (Active, Teambuilding)

Two Truths and a Lie (Get-to-know-you)

Ultimate Ninja (Active)

Unique and Shared (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

What I Would Have Done (Get-to-know-you)

Who Am I? (Mingling)

Who Done It? (Get-to-know-you)

Wink Murder (Party)

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