Rubber Chicken Game

The Rubber Chicken Game is an active and fast paced game that is simple to play in any scenario. All the game requires is a rubber chicken—or any other object—and players! It’s great for those who are competitive and speedy. It requires all players to be attentive and ready to move at any given moment. The Rubber Chicken Game is best played outside or in large open areas, so that players can run around safely without crashing into anything. Groups of all sizes can play, but teams are better with between 5-10 players. Larger groups can play, but the overall game will take longer. Players are also able to steal the rubber chicken back from one another, but limits should be set to prevent injuries or excessive force.

Set-Up and Materials

  • If the game is played outside, then check for any objects or holes that could cause injuries.
  • Assign one person to be the judge and give them a rubber chicken.
  • Take your players and split them into two even groups.
  • Set the groups parallel to each other and line each of them up.
  • Each line of players should be seated on the ground.

How to Play the Rubber Chicken Game

  • Line each team up and have all of the players seated and facing the judge.
  • The judge will throw the rubber chicken wherever they choose behind all of the players.
  • On the judge’s command or whistle, the first seated player from each team will stand up and race to the chicken.
  • The players will then run back to their lines—the player with the rubber chicken should be protecting themselves, while the other player can try and steal the chicken back.
  • The player with the chicken will reach the line and toss the rubber chicken back strategically, so the next player on their team will have the advantage.
  • The next players from each team will run down again and race to the rubber chicken.
  • Both players will run back and sit down at the end of the line.
  • The game will continue until the whole line has run to retrieve the chicken.
  • Game Variations
  • The rubber chicken can be substituted for a ball, flag, doll, or any other object.
  • To make the game more challenging, you can set up obstacles that the players have to go through to retrieve the rubber chicken or to return back to their line—you can use a dizzy bat, hoops to jump through, cones to zigzag through, or other fun commands.
  • For additional challenges, you can also have players only use one arm to pick up the rubber chicken.
  • If the players are highly competitive or more physical, then they can use light force to take the rubber chicken from their opponent.
  • Boundaries can be set with paint or cones to keep the game area organized.
  • There can be more than two groups to increase the competition or groups can pair up with one another and battle each other.

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