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Hello!  Welcome to the best free icebreakers website on the web.  We’ve handpicked more than 25 of our favorite icebreakers and group activities and have provided free instructions to them.   Try ‘em out and let us know how they work out for you! Please share this site with your friends by clicking on a Share button below!  Also feel free to visit our brand new online store where you can buy supplies and materials for all your icebreaker needs.  Fast, free shipping for most orders over $35!

Icebreakers by group size

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Small group
Games for 2-5 people

Medium group
Games for 5-10 people

Large group
Games for 10-30 people

Extra Large group
Games for 30 or more people

Icebreakers by category

Action packed activities that might cause you to break a sweat!

Icebreakers that help people get to know each other.

Team building
Activities to build teamwork and unity.

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New icebreakers added – July 2014

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