Win an iPad Contest: Party Games!

One of our good friends, Joe, has just launched a brand new site: Party Games Guide!  We love the website so much that we want to help his website take off!  To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away a brand new iPad retina mini (up to $500 value) to a lucky winner.

How to win it? The rules are simple — just share a link to the Party Games website on your blog or website and email us with the link to your webpage, and you’re entered for the random drawing!  It only takes a minute to enter.

Three steps to entering the iPad Contest.  Just visit the site, share it with others, and email us!

  1. Go to Party Games Guide (
  2. You can use the following code if you like:
    <a href=””>Party Games</a> free party ideas guide!
  3. Email with a link to your website (where you placed the link).  Voila!  You’re entered in the contest.  Good luck!