Magic Word Game

Large Group, Extra Large Group, Party Games, Talking Games
Collect the most party favors from other people when they say your designated magic word – but be careful and make sure you don’t say the word yourself! Recommended ages: This activity is best for players who are ages 14 and up. Recommended number of people: Good for large groups of 12+ people. Materials required: For this game you will need various party favors for each person (or you can also use candy) as well as a list of “magic words.”  Words should be relatively commonly used to make the game more interesting. Words might include: "dog," "cat," "man," "eat," "boy," "water," etc.  For this game, good party favor items might include items like: Bead necklaces, Hawaiian leis, or plastic sunglasses How to set up the game: Prepare your party…
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Marshmallow Toss

Large Group, Active, Extra Large Group, Party Games
Toss marshmallows to your teammates -- as they try to catch as many as possible with their mouth in a set amount of time. Recommended ages: This game works best for ages 12 and up. Recommended number of people: Marshmallow Toss activity works well for groups of 8 or more people. Materials needed: Marshmallows (large, not mini marshmallows) Timer or stopwatch Plastic bags (for clean up) Masking tape or cones (for marking boundaries) How to set up the game: To set up for the marshmallow toss game you should make lines on the ground to set distance barriers. Use masking tape on a solid surface or plastic cones on a grassy surface. Set the distance so that it’s appropriate for the age group of the people who will be playing…
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Hot and Cold Game

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Talking Games
The Hot and Cold game is a simple, crowd pleasing icebreaker game!  It gets the crowd going.  Simply choose a mystery action and have a volunteer try to figure it out.  The group cheers for them loudly when they are closer to doing the action and boos them when they are farther away. This game is best for ages 12+ and ideal for groups of 6+ people.  Large groups are okay.  Multiple groups can also play this simultaneously. Materials Required: No materials are required for this game, although you can use any props around the room that are available to you. How to set up the Hot and Cold Game:   You do not need to do anything to prepare for this game. All that’s needed is the group members themselves, although…
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Collaborative Drawing

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Small Group, Stationary, Team building
Combine your artistic talents together to create the ultimate drawing without seeing what others have added before you! This icebreaker game is good for ages 10 and over. Collaborative Drawing must be played with a minimum of 4 people.  There is no maximum amount preferred.  If groups get unmanageable, subdivide into smaller sized groups. To play this game you are going to need the following items: Paper for all participants Writing utensils for everyone A timer or stopwatch Setup for Collaborative Drawing You won’t need to set anything up prior to starting this game! How to play Collaborative Drawing Distribute paper and writing utensils to everyone that will be playing. Make sure that the players are sitting in some sort of orderly fashion such as a circle or in straight lines. Instruct…
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Human Rock Paper Scissors

Active, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games
Human Rock Paper Scissors is a fun, quick ice-breaker that can be used for a medium-sized group of people. Many are familiar with the classic hand game, rock-paper-scissors, each of which conquers one another depending on the combination. This game is a play on the game, but requires people to get on their feet, move, and act as a team, rather than an individual. This ice-breaker is especially fun because it can be tailored to many different themes and variations. Setup for Human Rock Paper Scissors As a large group, decide a full-body pose that will signify each element (e.g. Rock – each person of one group will bend down and hug their knees and curl into a ball so they look like a rock, Scissors – each person of one…
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Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Party Games
Who is your Secret Santa? The Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a fun party game that involves buying a gift for somebody -- and that person has no idea who!  It's ideal for the holidays, especially during Christmas time. Setup for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange One person needs to be the Secret Santa coordinator.  This person needs to generate a list of all the participants for this activity.  He or she will then randomize who is assigned to whom.  Make sure no one is assigned to themselves.  Once everyone is assigned their Secret Santa, the coordinator tells everyone who they have been assigned. Playing Secret Santa Gift Exchange The coordinator emails everyone with the rules and explains to everyone the time limit to buy presents.  Two or three weeks is…
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Active, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Stationary, Talking Games
The Categories Game tests your ability to pull names of people and places, and other words, from your memory while under pressure in this simple quick-thinking game. Great for car journeys, and it can also be played as a drinking game (of course, only if you are of the proper age). 4 to 10 is a good number of players for Categories. It can be played with more, though gaps between each player's turn will become longer. Split into two groups if needed. With pen and paper Each player is given a pen and a sheet of paper. A category is chosen. Just for example: names of counties, last names of celebrities, makes of car, or names of films. A letter of the alphabet is chosen. The letters Q, U,…
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Wink Murder

Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games
Wink Murder is a fun party game in a secret "killer" winks at people in the eye in order to get them eliminated.  Try to identify who the wink murderer is before he murders everyone! Setup for Wink Murder This game requires no special materials at all, making it a very convenient game to play.  It can be played both outdoors and indoors.  Also, no materials are required to be purchased.  The only step required is to get everyone together and to have them arranged in a circle.   This game works best when there are at least ten people, but no more than thirty, as the game may take too long. Playing Wink Murder Each round, you need a way to determine who is to be the "wink murderer."…
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Who Am I

Classroom Icebreaker, Extra Large Group, Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Talking Games
Who Am I? is a guessing game where you use the traits and characteristics of famous, historical, or company figures to break the ice with each other. Any sized group can play -- you are only limited by your own imagination! Materials required are sticky nametags and a marker.  Self-adhesive white Avery labels work great.  This game works well for medium to extra large sized groups. Setup for the Who Am I Game Before your group arrives, prepare sticky nametags with the names of famous people (or any other people that EVERYONE in the group will know).  For example, you can write: SUPERMAN INDIANA JONES HARRY POTTER BATMAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BRITNEY SPEARS MICKEY MOUSE And so on.  If you like, you could also stick labels on each…
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Strange Disease Diagnosis Game

Strange Disease Diagnosis Game

Large Group, Medium Group, Party Games, Small Group, Stationary, Talking Games
Uh oh, for some reason the patient is is acting really strange!  We'll need to guess what illness does he or she have?  The Strange Disease Diagnosis Game (which also goes by several other names, including the Mysterious Illness Game, Doctor Game, Psychiatrist Game, or Diagnosis Game) is a fun party game that involves some acting and guessing.  It involves some improvisation and silliness.  It works in different sized groups, although smaller groups of about 5-10 people is probably best. Setup for the Strange Disease Diagnosis / Doctor Game / Psychiatrist Game This is a relatively easy acting oriented game which may be improvised or may involve some rehearsal or preparation if you so wish.  The easiest way to play this game is to have one person playing the doctor…
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